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  1. New York
    In Manhattan for a business trip with a little time to kill. Are there any recommended stores that cater to the planted tanks? Thanks
  2. New York
    I have some boesemani rainbow baby fry but i cant provide support for them when they grow up. So when do grow bigger is there a way i can sell them?
  3. New York
    Selling subwassertang golf balls $4/ea. 3 portions available. Local Pickup: Bay Terrace Shopping Center. May contain mini ramshorn snails, so do a dip before adding if you do not want them.
  4. New York
    Hello - I am new to this forum and I'm posting because I am looking for a good home for a beautiful healthy Glofish. She (I believe it's a female) is yellow/green, just a few months old and very strong. She was born in my tank "by mistake". I was hosting three glofish temporarily for just a few...
  5. New York
    I still have plenty of cherry shrimp for sale! I also have 3 beautiful white baby crayfish. If your interested in the crays I will sell all for just $20! and the shrimp prices are based on quantity (more you buy, cheaper it is per shrimp). Email: [email protected] Also In the next...
  6. New York
    I'm starting to sell some RCS. Just e-mail me for prices and how many you would want!
  7. New York
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of any pet stores in Syracuse, New York that sold Pygmy Gouramis. I have only found 1 so far and that is Ack's Exotic Pets.
1-7 of 11 Results