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  1. Lighting
    Hi all. I have just bought a 10g Deluxe kit and am looking to start a nice little Planted tank I would like to know which 18in plant light I should purchase to get the proper amount of growth I am looking for. Also which substrate do you guys prefer? The tank has yet to see water as it...
  2. Lighting
    Thinking of getting one of these for my planted 20 gallon, plants just aren't getting quiiiite the type of light they need. Was wondering if anyone has gotten one yet and tried it out.
  3. Lighting
    at the lfs today and couldnt get any ferts at all so i figuered buy a light since i had the cash. i went from a - marine land natural daylight f18t8ndl 24" to a - zoomed flora sun max plant growth 17w t8 24" looks kinda dim and really blue how good of an upgrade was this 1-10 pics up in a minute
1-3 of 3 Results