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  1. Lighting
    Good evening, I've started looking into lighting options and immediately was struck by how expansive the subject has become over these past few years. I was hoping one of you with more intimate knowledge of it could simply shoot me a suggestion or two. I will inevitably start researching it...
  2. Fish
    I want to set up a tank for a pair of german blues. I want it to look as natural as possible, maybe even getting plants from the area where they live. I was wondering what fish naturally occur where the rams do. (i cant spell the name of where the come from, the something basin?) any names...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    hi just started a 29.9 gallon 36x12x18 about to move 6 inch large mouth bass, 3 1/2inch brown bullhead from a 20g? into it.been in old tank for several months. using sand from the Erie canal in both tanks. horn wort is anchored by rocks for temp plants they seam to be doing fine. want to use...
1-3 of 3 Results