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  1. Plants
    Please help identify :)
  2. Plants
    Hi, I went to my local aquarium store and found this small leave-strand like light bright green plant. The owner didn't know the species name, and told me he had problems getting it to grow (it would eventually disintegrate). I have a photo of it here with some red cherry shrimp to show scale...
  3. Plants
    So, I recently trimmed one of my big jungle / extra plant holding tanks and noticed a bunch of new growth from a plant that I had thought died... Can someone please help me ID this plant? It looks very rotala like, but I'm not very certain. It definitely is not rotala rotundifolia since I know...
  4. Plants
    Can anybody identify the plants in this picture? It's an advertisement for the fluval edge 23L I believe, and the plants are a quite beautiful :) Thanks!
  5. Tank Journals
    I always kept bettas as a little kid, and my desire to have one was renewed just a few months ago when a friend of mine told me she got one. I never kept bettas properly before, since I never heard anything about their needing heating, or a filter, or more space than the half gallon betta...
1-5 of 5 Results