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  1. Tank Journals
    So this will be my first tank build journal, or attempt at one haha. Since I'm starting classes tomorrow, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to update, but I'll try my best. I recently received a Mr. Aqua 12G Long as a Christmas present. It took a couple of weeks, but today, I finally got...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hey Everyone! I'm trying to figure out if the plants I have growing emersed will continue to grow (or at least not die) submersed in my tank with flourish excel and NO c02. Here are my tank specs: 1.5 gallon long 18"x5.5"x7.1" light specs: (IDK what any of this means) 110V 60Hz 4.1W...
  3. Tank Journals
    my first attempt at a iwagumi.:) be kind. this is my first attempt at an iwagumi style tank and this is my first journal. started 5/22/13 this is what i have so far: Mr. Aqua 17.4g Eheim 2211 canister filter (think it's too small) 2215 Cal aqua nano lily pipes (i thought i was doing a...
1-3 of 3 Results