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  1. Tank Journals
    10g Anubias afzeli A. congensis A. frazeri A. hastifolia A. nana A. nana "petite" Bolbitis heudelotti Blyxa alternifolia Bucephalandra sp "mini Velvet" Bucephalandra sp Ceratopteris thalictroides Cryptocoryne wendtii "mixed" Fissidens fontanis Hydrocotyle tripartida "Japan" Hygrophila...
  2. Massachusetts
    U know tha deal A come n get it roak to the first 3. Got some plants, mixed moses good for shrimp tanks or split up a bit and go from there. Right now got 3 pkgs each pkg very good starting size TRUST WHEN I SAY THIS! Giant Duckweed Amazon Frogbit Sunset Hygrow Rotala Bengladesh Java Ferns An...
  3. Plants
    I'm ready to tear down a tank that recently had an outbreak of COLUMNARIS that just wont go away even after meds and water changes. I want to try and save all the mosses (fissdens, xmas, flame and subwassertang. I've been growing in it. What's the best way to disinfect them for another setup...
  4. Plants
    Flame, Xmas, Taiwan, star especially, weeping, and pellia monosolemium teneuim? We're talking 1.0025 slowly going up to 1.005 in a few months? I don't need them to be spectacular just reasonably happy.
  5. Plants
    Hi everyone - After 35 years of not having a tank, I'm back in. Here's my situation. I have a 29 high tank with a Coralife dual T5 fixture. My substrate is strata of sand and mesh gravel. The set up is less than two weeks old and it has not cycled yet. I knew too little about cycling before I...
  6. Plants
    Is there any aquatic mosses that will take the higher temperature (85 degrees) of a discus aquarium without being affected badly?
1-6 of 12 Results