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  1. Plants
    I recently picked up some Christmas moss along with what was supposed to be Java moss. I know it's not Java moss and have already sorted out that situation, but now I have this interesting moss that I'm not certain what it is. It's been submersed in a cup for a month now that I've been...
  2. Plants
    I was notified this may not be weeping moss. If it isn't, what could it be?
  3. Plants
    Hi All, Hope someone can tell me what this is. I think maybe christmas but I am not sure. Thanks in advance!
  4. Plants
    I am not great with IDs in general but with mosses I stink! I have been having success with my Java Moss on my driftwood for the last few months. I noticed an area that looked like a different moss yesterday. It may be just some variation or a discolored patch of java but I think it looks a bit...
  5. Plants
    I ordered mini Christmas moss, but this doesn't look like any pictures I've seen. Does this look like mini Christmas moss to anyone? It looks more like java moss to me. :icon_frow
  6. Plants
    I was looking in the dirt for some Wabe Kusa material and found this neat little moss that appeared to be growing through some grass, dirt and even cement moss (im pretty sure its not cement moss itself because i have a ton of that growing and some experience with it) and the fronds are tiny and...
1-6 of 6 Results