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moss carpet

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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hello All, I'm new to aquascaping, tanks, fishes, freshwater and everything that comes with :smile2:, and I am willing to do something nice and beautiful. So I'd like some suggestions about equipments, which at the end, I can have an attractive setup. The tank will be a rimless FireAqua 9 or...
  2. Plants
    I bought a cup of this moss. It is an unknow Vesicularia species. On the net I find the same description on every site.[censored] I'd like to find some pictures of this 'Creeping Moss' growing in a thank to see how it looks like. Has anyone tried it?
  3. Plants
    Hello everyone! I've been working on adding more live plants to my 10 gal (currently housing a male betta and 2 cory cats) and wanted to know how to start a moss carpet. My tank has a gravel substrate and natural lighting. I found someone selling many different types of mosses (see list at...
  4. Aquascaping
    I have a ton of java moss in my grow out tank. I have seen people use SS mesh to tie down carpeting plant and moss. I think I have a good alternative for some people that can't find or don't want to use SS mesh. I had some plastic mesh that is used for fixing screen doors. This is a...
  5. Aquascaping
    I am thinking of starting a project out of the box of normal aquascaping. A 20gal long brackish 1.003-1.004 SG tank with med lighting and you heard me, no substrate. The bottom of the tank will be absolutely littered with tiny and thick sandblasted manzanita and many small stones weighing them...
  6. Aquascaping
    Hey Here's an update vid of the 350 liter tank. Moss grows in three environments: on land (dry), in humid conditions and submerged. What I'm experimenting with is getting moss from humid environments to grow submerged. Hopefully, it will grow back nice and evenly... =) See a lot more pictures...
  7. Plants
    I got some variety of mosses and I'm trying to make a moss carpet. But I was wondering what is the fastest way or the technique to grow them faster?
  8. Tank Journals
    UPDATE: This setup is No More :( Life has gotten busy and I've had to reduce my setups to two tanks. This one did not make the cut - it happens. Fast-forward to my recent post if you are interested in my thoughts on the EDGE product after having one up and running for about two solid years...
  9. Plants
    Hi~ As some of you may already know, I am currently aquascaping my 5.5 gallon. Currently I have two extremely thin leaved swords that I do not know the name of. Other than that, there are no other flora in the tank. I was thinking of doing some sort of carpet, moss, perhaps? Anything would...
  10. Tank Journals
    I made an impulse cube purchase while at the LFS a few weeks ago. I feel somewhat crazy as I can't imagine maintaining yet another tank but the object of this tank is to make it as low maintenance as possible so, low tech, no CO2. I don't have a solid plan for this scape yet but do plan on...
  11. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    *All moss pending or sold* Large ball of clean, healthy flame moss for $10 shipped, USPS priority. See picture for size. I have (1) portion remaining. Paypal preferred.
  12. Plants
    I'm trying to do some research on planting and the use of Moss. So far I've found: Moss is mostly used to keep shrimp / newborn stock safe from bigger fish. Tying Moss to Hardscape Moss walls Carpeting My questions are: Does Carpeting simply involve sticking clumps of Moss into the...
1-12 of 13 Results