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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hello, I am very new here, just created my intro post tonight. I have spent several hours over the last days reading lots of posts but decided it would be so much easier to start my own! I have a new Spec V I want to set up with plants for my Betta, Rex. He is currently housed in a 5.5 gal...
  2. Substrate
    I'm thinking of getting some clay (or clay powder mixed with sand/peat moss) and smushing it to the bottom of my tank as a 1st layer for super easy anchoring. Is there a reason people don't do this and use hard clay pebbles? Is it because it clouds the water? Even if you cap with sand or...
  3. Substrate
    Hi, I am planning on re-doing my turtles 'feeder' tank and I was planning on using miracle grow and then capping it with SafeTSorb but it looks like I can't get that in Australia. Turface 'seems' to be easier to find but I haven't really have a great look for it online. I live in a small rural...
1-3 of 3 Results