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  1. Equipment
    Hello, Mr Noob here. I made the plunge and bought a paintball CO2 system. Got the tank filled (SIZE = 20 oz) , brought 'er home, screwed on my adapter to my regular, screwed the two onto the paintball tank... HISS!!!!!!!!!!:surprise: I unscrewed it, realized it needs to be VERY tight, and...
  2. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I decided to start this little thread for people to share any dumb thing (or problem) they have run into when keeping shrimp! Here is my story: I set up a new shrimp tank about 3 months ago. I let the tank cycle for two months and even added a couple mystery snails to help out. I planted some...
  3. Fish
    Hello; Got a royal pleco and I forgot to do the introduction steps, I just took it from the tank and placed it into the tank. Is it going to die? What should I do?:eek:
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    LET THIS THREAD MARK MY FIRST PLANTED TANK EPIC FAIL so i always read those "epic DIY failure" threads in good spirit, feeling sorry for the people who had their tanks bust, or their buckets knock over...or their entire tanks drain out onto the floor. oh, but i never thought it could happen to...
  5. Fish
    I've been wanting to get some more fish for a long time now. I decided to get some black neons last week, but since they were in very bad condition, I chose to wait. Yesterday, I wanted to get them, but they were still looking pretty bad. I decided to go with my next best option- platies. One or...
1-5 of 5 Results