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  1. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Hello folks! I have been absent for about 2 weeks while I have been investigating something new. DART FROGS! So I have had a fascination with dart frogs ever since I was a child. I have always steered clear of them and other frogs as pets for 2 reasons. 1) they are incredibly poisonous and the...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello all, I have a somewhat time-sensitive question, as I need to decide before tomorrow morning, but I can always have someone make an adjustment for me if required. I am going to be away for a week and I'm not sure if I should cover my emersed growth setup with seran wrap or leave it...
  3. Lighting
    Wanna give ur aquarium a mystical appearance just like Takashi Amano does...its pretty simple. Mr Amano's aquariums are sandblasted to give that mist look, u could buy them like this but be prepaird to spend an extra 100 bucks or u could just buy some cut to fit electrostatic frosted window tint...
1-3 of 3 Results