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  1. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    The API pH test from the master kit shows my evening pH (without Co2) as higher than what my new Milwaukee pH controller shows. I calibrated the controller before use and did a test in the 4.0 buffer last night (controller was dead on with the buffer). The pH meter was showing 7.2, yet my API...
  2. Equipment
    Hello all. I just purchased a used Milwaukee regulator from a fellow hobbyist at a local auction that I went to over this weekend. It came with a broken right low pressure gauge, but for $20 I thought why not, I can always order another gauge. Now, after doing some research and speaking with the...
  3. Equipment
    I am having trouble getting my regulator to work again. It is a Milwaukee regulator, standard one I've seen most people use. I have had it about a year, but it hasn't been in use for more than 4 months. I got everything set up properly and have followed the instructions to a T on this thread...
1-3 of 5 Results