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microsorum pteropus
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  1. Colorado
    Large portions for $5 each. I believe it is Microsorum pteropus. Pick up only from North Colorado Springs.
    Hello! Inspired by a couple aquascapes by Olver Knott and Tropica Layout 58 (see pics below), I am looking to recreate a similar feel with a Fluval Edge 42 LED no mods. Would appreciate if anyone could help me find the following: - Marsilea hirsuta x 3-4pcs (foreground) - Cryptocoryne parva x...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    Java Fern - Microsorum pteropus $15 - large mat, 2 available $10 - medium mat, 4 available $5 - small mat, 8 available Shipping $7, unless you are buying too much to fit in a Small Flat Rate Box. For large orders it will be $13 to ship plants in a Medium Flat Rate Box; e.g. 2 large mats. I...
  4. California
    Java Fern - Microsorum pteropus $15 - large mat, 4 available $10 - medium mat, 8 available $5 - small mat, 16 available Payments accepted through PayPal Trades welcome, I could want anything you have to offer so don't hesitate to make an offer. Local Pickup: I live in North County, San...
1-4 of 4 Results