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  1. Aquascaping
    I have a ton of java moss in my grow out tank. I have seen people use SS mesh to tie down carpeting plant and moss. I think I have a good alternative for some people that can't find or don't want to use SS mesh. I had some plastic mesh that is used for fixing screen doors. This is a...
  2. Equipment
    Decided to get on the needle wheel bandwagon to see what the hoopla was about. Being that I currently use a Mazzei injector naturally my needle wheel will have to to be top notch performer, so I skipped the needle wheel and decided to do things a little different with a high RPM pump and went...
  3. Equipment
    I received some new needle wheel pumps from Danner. They come stock with Venturi assembly for easy set up. I modified this pump to work with a current project. So far it throws out tons of mist and is very simple to set up. I wanted to get other peoples thoughts on needle wheels versus Mazzei...
1-3 of 3 Results