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    Looking for some rare swords, espically Hadi Red Pearl, Kleiner Prinz, and Indian Red or Reni. Or if any one has any swords that stay of medium size once established that's attractive or unique that I have not listed, and stay in the 10-15 in size range. If someone has any of the above or...
  2. Lighting
    I am new to the forum and signed on hoping to get some answers for lighting my tank. I'm looking for low/medium lighting fixture, around 30 PAR with 3 in of substrate and about 18 inch's form light to substrate. I would prefer not to have to spend more then 100 on a new fixture with an ideal...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    just took it out of my tank and it has been dried size compared to an envelope $15 including shipping Will accept trades for low light plants Sound good? PM, paypal only, no DOA guarantee (just kidding lol)
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    What size medium did those of you use, that have used the black diamond / beauty blasting abrasive? My local tractor supply carries a 20/40 and a 30/60 grit.
  5. Lighting
    I am planning on redoing my tank (50 gallons, 39.5" length X 15" width X 19.5" height)- I would like it to be high tech or at least grow plants that can be demanding (Rotala, hair grass, Pogostemon stellata, Ludwigia arcuata, etc..). I do have pressurized C02 and will be dosing Ferts via E.I...
  6. Lighting
    Hey guys, just wanted some opinions for lighting a 30 gal (36Lx16Hx12D) I plan on keeping a medium-high tank, using DIY CO2 and EI dosing. Judging by the chart in the sticky, at 16" above substrate, I'd be looking at 2 t5NO or 1 t5HO... I would probably rather go with the higher of the...
1-6 of 6 Results