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  1. Fish
    I have a total of 4 cichlids in my 55 gallon tank, 2 females 2 males. One female is getting harassed by the other two males, they want to mate with her but she isn't mature yet. I haven't seen any protruding indicating eggs being ready to be laid. How do I stop, she has some nipped fins and...
  2. Fish
    I got home from a short trip this afternoon. My rainbows greeted me by putting on an AMAZING display of colors. I snapped a few pics and a video with my GoPro. I thought I would share with you all! I will be uploading a clip at some time in the future. Can anyone else comment as to how common...
  3. Fish
    I have 2 female German Blue Rams, one male. Over the past month or two one of the females seems to have paired with the male. The other female was being picked on and eventually seemed to develop a swim bladder problem. In this video you can see the...
  4. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hey everyone! I haven't really posted over here before, but I thought I'd say hello and post up a recent video of my Geosesarma crabs. Hello! It's really rare to see such detailed mating shots, I haven't found much on the subject online... so I'm happy to have caught it without disturbing the...
  5. Fish
    I am a big fan of the Dario Dario aka Scarlet badis. I was fortuante enough to see their courting ritual this summer in one of my tanks. I finally got around to picking out some photos to share. Please enjoy. I've never seen photos of the Dario Dario "embrace" before...
  6. Fish
    My two angelfish mating in my 29G planted tank. Click for video Observed behaviors: - Extreme aggressiveness towards other fish - Pecking and chasing each other - Locking their jaws together and having a pushing contest - Cleaning off a surface with their mouths before laying eggs
1-6 of 6 Results