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  1. Equipment
    I am new to planted aquariums. I am thinking about adding live plants to my 75 gallon aquarium in my family room. Possibly in the future adding a another planted aquarium right next it. Would this regulator on Ebay be a good piece of hardware for a DIY CO2 system for multiple aquariums? Here...
  2. Equipment
    Hey folks, So, I have my heart set on setting up a CO2 system for my newly purchased 50g tank. I've been reading up on what parts I need, and who makes quality parts, but it's becoming a VERY overwhelming. I finally decided on purchasing a dual-stage regulator, so I decided to check the...
  3. Equipment
    Hi all, I bought a Matheson 8-320 CO2 regulator on ebay and i'm having some trouble identifying the connectors coming out of it. I've read online that it can either have the 1/4" NPT connector or a weirdly threaded monstrosity that requires an adapter of some kind. Is mine 1/4" NPT or the...
1-3 of 5 Results