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  1. Massachusetts
    Hi I am looking for plants to put into a newly started office aquarium. My office is in Northborough MA and I live in Arlington MA. My Job has me traveling all over MA, so I would be willing to meet almost anywhere. I want to do a heavily planted tank and I will be dosing CO2. I currently...
  2. Massachusetts
    Selling my 30" Dual T5HO lighting set. Bulbs were replaced a month ago. Comes with one FloraSun bulb and one Ultra Sun 6700k. I have used this for the past year on my 20g long with very good success. The tank has pressurized CO2 so algae has not been an issue. I also have one my 29g that I only...
  3. Massachusetts
    So this post is to gauge people's interest in having our second plant swap. Is it too early to start planning the next one? We were thinking quarterly, right? So judging by the upcoming auctions, the biggest break we'll have coming up is between BAS on Oct 27 and DAAS on Jan 19 (assuming that...
  4. Rcs

    Hello, looking to buy some RCS in the North Shore area. Please PM with location as well as price.
  5. Massachusetts
    Hey all, Since getting into planted tanks, I find myself always looking for interesting rocks: at the beach, on the highway, etc. I'd love to find a good source of rocks for a few iwagumi projects, but there is no way I'd pay to have ADA-style rocks shipped. So I'm wondering: Where does...
1-5 of 7 Results