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marsilea quadrifolia
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    I bought some Mars. Quad (submersed form) and planted it just under 2 weeks ago (12/20/11) -separated nodes and planted with healthy roots and all ...every where says it needs an adjustment period before it really takes hold and starts to "take off" (obviously a slow grower, but Im tired of the...
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    I am seeking Marsilea crenata, Marsilea hirsuta, Marsilea quadrifolia, Marsilea mutica or Marsilea minuta shipped to 40514.
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    Most Recent Video Update: Here INTRODUCTION I recently entered this fantastic hobby with a 10 gallon, that, over the past few months, has improved greatly. However, I'm running out of possibilities with my 10 gallon and I think I'm coming down with some MULTITANKSYNDROME! (I heard it's very...
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    All items sold. Thanks planted tank! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For sale. Just pulled from my tank this afternoon (Sunday). 12" ruler (~2" wide) for size comparison - there are a lot of plants here. Lowered prices. 2 lots of java fern narrow leaf (let me know if you want the one with the ruler on top...
1-4 of 4 Results