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  1. Illinois
    I have a bunch of stuff for rehoming Aquarium stuff: -Marbled Angelfish, 2.5" from mouth to tail, $3 each or $40 for 16 -Self cloning crayfish (Marmorkrebs) $3 each, or $50 for the whole colony of 30 1" and bigger + 50 smaller juvenile These are crayfish that clones itself, great for a science...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Marble[censored]Crayfish[censored]is well-known as Marmokrebs - The world’s only self-cloning[censored]crayfish. my crayfish has had babies. I will be sending them to you about one week old. My crayfish has a beautiful blue color if that matters. Crayfish do need to be kept in their own...
    I have extra Marbled Crayfish I want to give away and let people enjoy their crazy antics. They get along well with each other but will sometimes eat snails and probably anything I have Sizes from adult to baby. Just let me know what you want and your zip code I will quote you shipping charges...
1-3 of 3 Results