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  1. Plants
    Hi, I read somewhere that Marimo Ball is a very good nitrate and phosphates remover. It's true? And how good it is to out compete others algae for nutrition? Thanks
  2. Tank Journals
    Hey everyone! I'm the proud new owner of a 60f, and I thought I'd start a journal for it since there's just not enough of this tank around! I was originally gonna get a 12g long, but ended up decided that the size of the 60f was more my speed. And I couldn't be happier! This tank is gorgeous...
  3. Tank Journals
    1 gallon, unflitered, planted jar. I've had it for about a month now and it's going pretty good. Some of my rotala was melting but I recently added the 6500K light and I've had some new growth on them. Below is my setup and stock. This is my first foray into anything planted. I'm planning on...
  4. Planted Nano Tanks
    Tank: Tetra Aquarium Cube Tank, 1.5 Gallons Heating: None Filter: Hagen Elite Mini Substrate: Basic black aquarium gravel Scape: Top Fin brand driftwood, smooth river rock Flora: Dracaena variegatus, Trichomanes javanicum, Anubias nana, Cladophora aegagropila Fauna: not yet, but...
1-4 of 7 Results