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  1. Fish
    Hi guys! I have 5 Celestial Peral Danios (galaxy rasboras), and I am pretty sure that 3 are male and 2 are female, but I am not sure. I have labeled the fish (some appear more than once) so it's easier for yall to help me figure out which are males and which are females. I am pretty sure...
  2. Fish
    Help! Is this dwarf gourami male or female? My male dwarf gourami is really starting to harass it. When I got it from my LFS we thought it was female. Now I wanna make sure. direct link to pic on imgur
  3. Fish
    Hello I am new to the community so pardon me if I come off newbish haha. I purchased what I thought was a baby female veiltail who quickly grew and now I suspect is a short finned male, she has an egg spot but shes robust with thick finnage and is aggressive although her beard isnt large. So i...
  4. Fish
    Need help with my L333 anyone out there with a known female can post close up pics of her?
  5. Fish
    I recently bought two young honey gouramis, and I thought that one was male and the other was female. But when I got them home I had my doubts. So just to make sure, what so you think? The supposed female:
1-5 of 5 Results