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  1. Aquascaping
    Hi all. I hope I am posting this in the right spot. So I am looking for inspiration to spark my imagination. I currently have a 90 gallon, low-tech planted tank/peaceful community. I want a second tank with a different style/ different fish. I have always loved Discus and was so close to...
  2. Substrate
    Does anyone have any experience aquascaping a tank housing Malawi cichlids (males and females)? And if so what are your thoughts on using a soil substrate? Or even if you don't have experience with it, do you see any issues resulting from using (potting) soil? Assuming it has been flushed of any...
  3. Fish
    Im starting a 50L which i plan to put a pair of Dimdiochromis "Malawi Eyebiter" and a pair, or just a random assortment of Altolamprologus. And possibly a Syno Brichardi but i was thinking I want something else to go in with them. I fear the five fish wont really "fill" the tank enough when...
  4. Other Websites
    I have a forum that occasionally has questions on there for planted mbuna tanks, im not too hot on planted tanks tbh, so help from you guys would be great. You never know i may find someone to help moderate it for me here. Sign up to visit, i will post a link on my site to here
1-4 of 4 Results