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  1. Tank Journals
    FTS- And 2 of my creations- Hello friends, It's been a long time (around 2 years) that I haven't made any planted tank. Was busy with life and bettas ;) Now when my life seems quite stable, touchwood, I'm looking forward to start a new project. I've been reading a lot on various forums. And...
  2. DIY
    i need some help i want high light on my tank but i want full control of intensity i was thinking of using: makersled 72" dim4 for sunrise/set a 4 channel dimmer 75w inventronics driver x5 80 xm-l 6500k cool white (day) 20 royal blue 455 nm(morn1) 20 deep red 660nm(morn2) 15 true violet 405nm...
1-2 of 2 Results