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  1. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I've been looks at the ratios and percents of Ca, Mg and K in the readily available GH boosters and none of the chemistry/math is lining up. I have both NilocG's and GLA's GH booster salts (and I've used seachem equilibrium in the past). NilocG's is the only one that states a ratio for the...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I moved a while back and am finally getting back into a dosing routing with the new tanks I've got set up. You can find pics of my tanks & fish @columbus_aquascaping on instagram ( Lately I've been fighting some algae issues and likely nutrient...
  3. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Thought someone told me how to do this about a month ago but I can't find the thread. Does anyone have a link or know how to calculate you magnesium if you know your calcium and gh? How are people usually calculating or measuring their magnesium?
  4. Plants
    Hello, I have some problems with some of my plants. I am suspecting that I might have nitrogen, magnesium and potassium problems . So, the question is, do I put enough fertilizer, or could I h ave another problem? I am following the tropica guide, and I thought it would be ok, because I...
  5. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I have a starter kit from which has all of the EI basics. Here is the recipe from the website: Macro Solution Mix, Shake & Leave to Dissolve Overnight: 4tsp Potassium Nitrate 1tsp Potassium Phosphate 6tsp Magnesium Sulphate 500ml Water Micro Solution Mix, Shake & Leave...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Long story short and it should have clicked for me months ago but I realized it tonight. I have a Mg deficiency. Adding standard Seachem ferts exasperated the Mg issue but resolved several others. GH runs 15-16 but is high Ca and adding the ferts Mg can't keep up at the tap. Symptoms affect...
  7. Plants
    I'm seeing some dark veins in my leaves, which I've seen to be a sign of a magnesium deficiency. It appears most noticeably in my Rotala Indica, Rotala Macrandra, and Ludwigia Repens and Ludwigia Glandulosa. All are pictured below. The tank is 29 gallons and I add 2 teaspoons of Equilibrium...
  8. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    GH Booster has magnesium in it so I have been not using magnesium in the PPS Pro formula. I don't want to increase water hardness every time I dose ferts. Should I or not use magnesium in PPS Pro?
1-8 of 8 Results