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  1. Lighting
    I'm getting more involved in my planted tank and I've been reading everything for a few weeks now. Back in the old days, we talked about watts/gallon. Next up was Lumens. Now it is PAR. I understand the technical differences but I still don't know if my tank is a low light or medium light tank...
  2. Lighting
    I've used the FAQ thread calculator to find out my light is low light, as in the lowest of the low. However, I've had some pretty amazing growth from my Echinodoris plants, and my Rieneckii are starting to turn red and purple. I am also getitng algae, but I think that is due to my 10-12 hour...
  3. Lighting
    my tank dimensions are Length 51" x width 22" x Depth 24" I've found many brands, and various prices of LED lighting. However, aside from the obvious difference in features,(such as moonlights/timers etc) I've noticed that they have a difference in lumens. Thus my question is what is the...
  4. Lighting
    I already own this. And I was wondering if this would grow plants of any kind? The Kelvin ratings pretty low and the Lumens aren't that great, so I assume the answer will be no or low light plants. Thoughts?
  5. Lighting
    Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to the planted tank and I have quite a challenge ahead of me. My tank is very unique 375 gallon with so many tannins it is tea colored after 24 hours after a near 100% water change. Dont worry no fish yet. But of course I have plants. Im starting to grow baby...
  6. Lighting
    Why is it that in order to determine the level of lighting, you need to measure the watts? I hardly ever hear anything about the importance of temperature in tank lighting. Couldnt you have a 36 watt bulb, yet the temp was way off, making the bulb less effective for growing plants? I might not...
1-6 of 6 Results