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ludwigia repens

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  1. For Sale/Trade
    Long trimmings, some with roots. Grown in co2 w/ ferts. $20 shipped
  2. Tank Journals
    One day shy of one month since I planted and flooded the tank. Specifics: Tank: 29 gal Substrate: Fluval Shrimp Stratum Filter: Aquaclear 50 Light:Nicrew Classic LED Plus (Full sprectrum) CO2: None PH: 6.4 Plants: Water Wisteria, Variegated Water Wisteria, Lugwigia Repens, Bolbitus...
    Need to ship out tomorrow or they'll go in garbage. Came from medium-high lighting with CO2 and Flourish + Trace. Shipping from Washington.
  4. Plants
    My Ludwigia repens are starting to reach the surface of my water and I'm curious about how to top/trim them. The upper 50% is huge, red flowers and the lower 50% is mainly just small, sparse green leaves. When I trim the upper leaves should I RAOK them or plant them in the place of the lower...
  5. Plants
    I brought home some Ludwigia repens from Petco and in the last week the growth has been explosive - leaves getting huge, huge spike in vertical growth, etc. But I'm finding that towards the top of the plants, they're sending out massive amounts of roots which are becoming quite unsightly. Can I...
  6. Plants
    I got a shipment of Ludwigia repens over a week ago. I planted about 25 stems, and quite a few of the stems seem to be rotting where the stem is in the substrate. Is this still a part of the acclimation? The rest of the stems that are above the substrate are doing quite well. I've got nice green...
    Looking for around 10 stems
  8. Aquascaping
    I have a moderately planted 29 gal tank, and recently recieved 50 stems of ludwigia repens to add to it. I want to add it on the right wall, in a diagonal, beginning at the front corner & ending 1/3 of the way across the back, just behind a piece of driftwood. (I hope that makes sense...) I...
  9. Planted Nano Tanks
    in this tank as of right now i am trying to carpet my high quality pearlweed also tomorrow i plan on getting maliya driftwood and make a tree once the pearlweed carpets it will look like grass type look and the ludwigia and narrow leaf willo hygro is the tall plants...
  10. Lighting
    Hello everyone! I'm about to set up a low-tech planted tank on a budget but my head is full of question marks about lighting. So I need your help in putting things together for it. I have a 30g (80*40*40) tank and 2x18 watts T8 tubes (6500K Daylight). Is this lighting sufficient for plants...
  11. Swap n Shop Archived Posts
    Hey guys, got a bunch of rooted ludwigia repens. Let's do 65¢ a stem plus shipping (usually $5 in the small-flat rate box, but if you order a bunch, It'll move up to the medium box, so $9). Stems range from four inches to six inches, with some being up to eight inches, and most have a...
1-11 of 11 Results