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ludwigia glandulosa
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  1. Plants
    So I'm a little stumped on how to correct what I think is a nutrient deficiency in my ludwigia glandulosa palustris. Tank parameters are: 40 gal breeder, fluval plant 2.0 & finnex planted+ 24/7, Pressurized CO2 with modified griggs reactor GH 8, KH 4, pH 6-6.6, 50% water changes weekly Dosing...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    Just did a big premoving trim and have lots to get rid of... 4 nice stems of ludwigia glandulosa-$10 5+ stems limnophila aromatica- $8 Handful of frogbit- $2 Narrow Java fern- $18 for bottom left bunch (6" across and thick) Regular java fern- $10 top right, $2/small plant (about 6+ pictured...
  3. For Sale/Trade
    Did a massive trim last night and have several plants available. Shipping will be in a small flat rate box for $6.50 unless wanting more. Won't ship just 1 or 2 stems, minimum $10 please. Contact me with questions Ludwigia glandulosa $2.50/stem (4-6stems) Erio parkeri $5 (1-2) Needle leaf...
1-3 of 3 Results