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  1. Low Tech Forum
    I am new to the forum, want to share my aquarium. Please comment, Cheers! Click image for larger version. Name: IMG_0023_small.jpg Natural Style Aquarium Click image for larger version. Name: IMG_0014_small.jpg Filter System with Aquaponics Click image for larger version. Name...
  2. Tank Journals
    Good day, I thought I would try to document the progress for this tank. I received the tank last week, but the filter, light, and substrate are not arriving till next week. For now, I have decided on some curly twigs (Harry Lauder's walking stick which is a type of hazelnut). This came from my...
  3. Plants
    I've got a small setup (20 gal) for my two juvi puffers and am looking for plants that will grow well in a lower light setup with brackish water. I'm completely new to planted tanks but have been told that the right plants will do fabulously in my tank. Mostly heard about java fern, java moss...
  4. Low Tech Forum
    Hi! I'm a newbie on this website and to planted tanks too. I'm planning on getting a low tech planted tank coz i have no needs to use carbon dioxide (expensive!) and still can produce the same results (right?) Can anyone giv me some good advice for me??:icon_roll
  5. Low Tech Forum
    Hello All, I am a beginner at the whole planted tank hobby, but I am looking forward to making this a life long thing. I have really enjoyed learning all of the information out there. Here is my set up: I have an Eclipse 5 gal corner system with 1 betta, 6glofish, and 4 redtail rasboras. I...
1-5 of 5 Results