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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Soo, I am confused. I have a heavily planted 20l community tank with: 16 Rasbora Birigittae 4 Trichopsis Pumila 6 Otocinclus 6 Pygmy Corydora And my two Stiphodons have disapeared (MIA for a month). Jumped? I would doubt it, since they can barely swim (Also, it has a lid). Eaten? Were the...
  2. Plants
    Hey there, Although I have a high-tech planted tank, I also have a tank that is purely full of fish - I need some plants that I can put in there that will grow like mad without any special treatment. I won't be dosing anything to the tank (unless I absolutely have to). So, zero-maintenance...
  3. Plants
    I may be dreaming here - I'm looking to setup a decorative tank for a restaurant. I'm building a custom stand/topper for a 55 gallon that will limit my ability to easily get into the tank. I'm looking to scape out a good looking but slow growing environment so that I don't have to open up the...
1-3 of 3 Results