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  1. Plants
    Are there any carpeting plants that can be grown in low lighting and grow well in Eco Complete with good fertilizer? I have a low to moderate lighted tank, more on the lower side though. I understand that there are a lot of plants like these that need moderate to bright or bright to very bright.
  2. Lighting
    I'm setting up a low tech 15 gallon, I've been told the watt per gallon rule is outdated and inaccurate, how many watts is needed then for my 15 gallon? Also, would anyone recommend me this LED light as a low light? "Kelvin...
  3. Lighting
    So I got a 24" 20W T8 bulb, problem is that I don't have, that thing you plug it in to light it, housing fixture?Sorry English isn't my first language, also how many inches above my 15 gallon should I set it up? Here are my dimension 20X13X14 Btw I'm setting up a low light tank, so this bulb...
  4. Plants
    Are there any large stemmed plants that will grow great with low light no co2 and eco complete substrate?
  5. Lighting
    I am looking for a new light for a 20H tank, I want to stay in the low-medium light range. I have reviewed the PAR chart and think I would need to get a T5HO single bulb fixture. The problem is locating one that is worth anything without paying out the wazoo. I found this while searching Amazon...
1-5 of 5 Results