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  1. Plants
    Are there any plants that could live in the foreground of a tank that could make sort of a carpet in low light? Co2 will be injected as well as ADA aqua soil. My light is a cheap hygger light that I bought from amazon before I knew much about planted tanks, and don’t have the money for an...
  2. Aquascaping
    Hey just looking for some thoughts on what I should with this corner of my aquascape. I'm finding that leaves at the bottom of the stem plants in this corner keep dying off and I think it is because as they grow taller less light gets to the bottom. Plus shading from the hardscape and other...
  3. Plants
    Are there any carpeting plants that can be grown in low lighting and grow well in Eco Complete with good fertilizer? I have a low to moderate lighted tank, more on the lower side though. I understand that there are a lot of plants like these that need moderate to bright or bright to very bright.
  4. Arizona
    Hello All! I'm starting my first planted tank and am super excited to get plants! Does anyone have any recommendations for where I can buy easy-for-beginner plants in the valley? I live in Mesa, but can travel around a bit. I'm looking for low-light/low-tech plants. Thank you! Cat
  5. Plants
    First plant: Second: Third:
  6. Equipment
    Hello fellow planted tank lovers! A few days ago my extremely cheap CO2 system in my 75 gallon completely died, and I do not want to refill it again because it is defective. I've been thinking of two options: 1) getting a new CO2 system or 2) getting two new fish instead. My flora: Anubias...
  7. Plants
    i have a marineland double bright led light for my 10 gallon tank it is 1 watt per gallon and flourite substrate. will marsilea be a good carpet plant for me
  8. Florida
    I have a bunch of pure strain endlers (40) for trade. I'm looking to get some cardinal tetras or low light plants for them. I'm in Miami so let me know if any one is interested.
  9. Low Tech Forum
    Hi all, we set up a very low tech dirt planted tank two days ago. I originally wanted to set it up using mineralized to soil substrate, but with the snow storms, I just soaked the top soil outside (without the wet and dry cycles) and decided to switch to the Walstad "El Natural" method. My wife...
  10. Planted Nano Tanks
    I decided to start a new tank that I can bring to work and have at my desk. I've been talking about bringing in fish for a while and my co-workers that sit near me liked the idea, so I decided to go ahead and do it... I was going to a few months ago, but when I changed my 55 gal tank substrate...
1-10 of 31 Results