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low light plants
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  1. Aquascaping
    Hey just looking for some thoughts on what I should with this corner of my aquascape. I'm finding that leaves at the bottom of the stem plants in this corner keep dying off and I think it is because as they grow taller less light gets to the bottom. Plus shading from the hardscape and other...
  2. For Sale/Trade
    WYSIWYG: Trident Java Fern bush $75 shipped. From a tank that has snails and cherry shrimp. Item sold.
  3. Plants
    Are there any carpeting plants that can be grown in low lighting and grow well in Eco Complete with good fertilizer? I have a low to moderate lighted tank, more on the lower side though. I understand that there are a lot of plants like these that need moderate to bright or bright to very bright.
  4. Arizona
    Hello All! I'm starting my first planted tank and am super excited to get plants! Does anyone have any recommendations for where I can buy easy-for-beginner plants in the valley? I live in Mesa, but can travel around a bit. I'm looking for low-light/low-tech plants. Thank you! Cat
  5. Plants
    First plant: Second: Third:
  6. Equipment
    Hello fellow planted tank lovers! A few days ago my extremely cheap CO2 system in my 75 gallon completely died, and I do not want to refill it again because it is defective. I've been thinking of two options: 1) getting a new CO2 system or 2) getting two new fish instead. My flora: Anubias...
    Doing another RAOK! Will have 1 winner with 1 package containing: a mix of plantlets from regular java fern, needle leaf, narrow leaf, Philippine, and threadleaf java ferns, as well as small sampler portions of subwassertang, flame moss, and an unknown moss (possibly Christmas moss?)...
  8. For Sale/Trade
    What you see is what you get! As things sell I will mark them as such. large anubias mother plants made up of about three plants each, and can be easily divided up I have 4 big plants Easy to grow, require very little light, selling because they are too big for my tank additionally I have...
  9. Plants
    i have a marineland double bright led light for my 10 gallon tank it is 1 watt per gallon and flourite substrate. will marsilea be a good carpet plant for me
  10. WTB/RAOK
    Stems will be going in a 1.6 wpg low tech Excel 10g. So nothing that melts to mush with Excel. Or needs 1400 watts of light and 800 ppm of CO2 like rotala wallichi... :icon_lol: Had Bacopa in the tank before. Did NOT do well for some reason. Already have Watersprite/wisteria. Rotala regular or...
  11. Florida
    I have a bunch of pure strain endlers (40) for trade. I'm looking to get some cardinal tetras or low light plants for them. I'm in Miami so let me know if any one is interested.
  12. For Sale/Trade
    GONE. stay tuned for future packages...
  13. For Sale/Trade
    I have some Marsilea minuta ready to be shipped after a large replant last night. If you're not familiar with this plant it makes a great low light foreground plant, easy slow grower, and moderate growth in higher light tanks. I have 150+ nodes available. 50 nodes for $25 shipped 100 nodes...
  14. Low Tech Forum
    Hi all, we set up a very low tech dirt planted tank two days ago. I originally wanted to set it up using mineralized to soil substrate, but with the snow storms, I just soaked the top soil outside (without the wet and dry cycles) and decided to switch to the Walstad "El Natural" method. My wife...
  15. Planted Nano Tanks
    I decided to start a new tank that I can bring to work and have at my desk. I've been talking about bringing in fish for a while and my co-workers that sit near me liked the idea, so I decided to go ahead and do it... I was going to a few months ago, but when I changed my 55 gal tank substrate...
  16. For Sale/Trade
    Hey guys I have some Anubias nana 'petite' for sale. Older leaves may have some GSA here and there but other than that the plants are clean of algae! There are two sizes of the plant: 5-10 leaves for $6 each - 5 available OR 10-15 leaves for $8 each - 3 available Shipping is $7 via USPS...
  17. For Sale/Trade
    Buy $20 worth of plants and shipping is free otherwise the charge for shipping is $7 Anubias Nana Petite $12 for 15-20 leaves 5 available Anubias Nana Petite $8 for about 10 leaves 3 available Anubias Nana Petite 40+ leaves for $30 shipped Dwarf Sag $1 per node or 30 for $20...
  18. For Sale/Trade
    Subwassertang on a 2" x 2" stainless steel mesh, tied on with nylon line $10 each including shipping. this plant was grown in a low tech tank with medium light and no CO2 so it will have no ill effects in your low tech tank and should grow even better if you setup is high tech. send pm for...
1-19 of 30 Results