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  1. Fish
    Hi all, Just recently got into community tanks! And I have a lot of questions... the big one is I think I have a bully problem! The fish store I got all my fish from is a sort of mom/pop shop that is slightly more expensive than petco but with much higher quality fish and knowledge! . The cool...
  2. Substrate
    Is it safe? I also have some Inca snails and large fancy goldfish in the same tank. They do not pick up and spit out the current gravel like past ones I had, but I imagine they will pick up some when feeding. Will this sand harm them in any way or is it safe. When I searched this question...
  3. Fish
    My 20g high (24 by 12 by 16) that I've been working on stocking for awhile is in need of some bottom feeders... currently the bottom half is empty, and I think loaches are the way to go. Here's my current stock: 2 Honey Gouramis 6 Harlequin Rasboras (thinking about picking up more when my LFS...
  4. Substrate
    Hi all, I am moving my 155L tank to a new 155L tank (new glass) and cannot choose a suitable substrate that would be good for my plants AND good for my horseface loach. He needs a fine gravel/sand for burrowing etc so does anyone have any recommendations? I didn't want to have to use sand, but...
  5. Fish
    I stopped by a local aquarium just to browse around and possibly add more Rummy Nose Tetras to my current low stock (had some jumpers and oldies). They had a lot of them,then these caught my attention right away! I never seen them in person, and I had to have them. They were so active and very...
  6. Fish
    Hey So im going to be getting a 100L tank with a few WCMM, so it's going to be sub-tropical at about 18 Celsius, with sand subtrate. I really, really want some loaches, I know about the hill stream loaches and they are really nice, but I want something more active, without having to raise the...
  7. Fish
    I really like the panda loach, but unfortunately it gets fairly large and it loses its black-white coloration as an adult. Are there any small fish that keep a black-white striped pattern as adults?
  8. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    alright, just got some loaches today, and they came with a floating plant. not sure what the plant is, but its kind of a mesh and has purple leaves on the base part. ANYWAY, the also had some hitch-hikers that are NOT welcome! Its a 10 gal tank (getting a 30 and another 10 this week, so dont...
  9. Fish
    I had another tank that ended up full of snails, and I purchased a Clown Loach and all the snails disappeared. But I know loaches get large, what other (if any) fish would be good for snail control? Or... what is the best way to control the snails?
  10. California
    Does anyone know where I can find a Hillstream loach??
  11. Oregon
    I have 5 Zebra Loaches that I am looking to sell or trade. Anybody interested?
  12. Fish
    Hi guys, So I recently acquired a new kuhli loach with some unusual markings, and I was wondering if I could get an ID on his species? He's the one in the foreground going through the cucumber slice. He's smaller than the other loaches, and he has that interesting white stripe going through...
  13. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello all, I think my bristlenose have done their second spawn. The male has been in the cave for a good 11 days now so I moved the whole thing along with him into my fry tank. When I moved the cave a khulie loach came out. The cave is big with tons of little nooks and crannies so I cant see in...
  14. Fish
    Are there any problems with keeping a Black Kuhli Loach with Ghost shrimp? I want to get some shrimp when my tank is planted but don't know if they will survive with my loach. Also what type of substrate is best for loaches because of their soft bellies? Sand?
  15. Fish
    Alright I'm planning on stocking my well-planted 100g tank soon, and I was looking for some input from some of you guys! These are the fish that I am hoping on stocking; Clown loach German Blue Ram or Bolivian Ram Corydas (either peppered or panda) A large school and possibly one or two smaller...
  16. Substrate
    will it be safe to put sand in a freshwater tank i have:fish: 1 rainbow shark,4 clown loaches,2 neon tetras,2 guppys:fish: :thumbsup:And im not getting it from the beach i will buy it:thumbsup:
  17. Fish
    :help:Can these fish breed because my rainbow usually hides in my boat on himself but one of my clown loach have been in there with the rainbow shark and the loach is normally always outside with the other 3 loaches :help: i have had the loachs for a week and the shark for two months:icon_smil...
  18. Fish
    So what is a better choice i bought a oscar and tomorrow Imo getting a 4-ft tank what other fish can go with the oscar But theres another problem i would like to have rainbow shark and clown loaches wich is a better choice Oscars or Rainbow Shark And Clown Loaches
1-18 of 23 Results