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    I have a aluminum 1.25 pound CO2 tank that is painted black. I don't know if it is full or empty. my guess would be empty. My husband used it for paintball and has since switched to nitrogen for that. it is flat bottomed and stands about 12" tall and 4" wide. good for a nano tank I would...
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    i have 3 nice, healthy riccia mats / masses available for $20. priority shipping included in price. can ship out tuesday 7/19 if payment received by 4pm or can ship out this upcoming saturday. largest clump is roughly 7" x 5", medium size pc is 5" x 2", and the smallest is 4" x 2". all are...
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    15 stems for $15, priority shipping included. stems are 5-8" stems, some with roots, some with branching. enough stems to start a nice stand for yourself. PM works best for me.
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    i have a stand of o' Pogostemon stellatus 'Needle Leaf' available. 10-20 stems, nice, healthy, FT for any of plants listed below or FS for $15 shipped. will trade for Ottelia ulvifolia, Barclaya longifolia, or a red toned Aponogeton like A. bernierianus, A. capuronii, A crispus - brown, or A...
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    I have 10+1 very nice young breeder, 2/3", Crystal Black Shrimp. V-band, Tiger Tooth, and Double Hino No-Entry markings. Nice solid white on black. No translucence to their bodies. I will snap and post photos later or PM me in the meantime. I am open to trades for some nice quality...
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    i have 15+ nodes of Ranunculus inundatus i can trade if any one has some nice riccia, a few yellow shrimp, or a few fire reds.
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    this includes at least 6 berried females. dozen young breeders 5 adults some juvies, most of which are saddled or berried. will not have firm count on how many will ship out until i get in there with a net, but there will be a minimum of 15. will ship with heat pack and kordon breather bag in...
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    I have one 33 piece stem package + dwarf hairgrass $24 shipped priority: Ludwigia repens -Red-, (8) 5"-6" some with roots Potamogeton gayi, (20) 5"+ some with roots Didiplis diandra, (5) 4"-6" stems Dwarf hairgrass, (1) 2" x 2" dense section grown in flourite, so brown flourite will be...
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    SOLD i need to decrease the density of my happy population of RCS. i can ship out 1 order of 50 shrimp of sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3/4"+ berried females for $40 shipped out this coming monday via priority mail to your door. i only have 1 heat pack left and want to get the job done in 1 order...
1-9 of 9 Results