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live plant
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    10"x6" portion what you see is what you get just pay $7 via paypal for shipping small flat rate priority box pm me to claim
    GONE container is 6"x5" and about 0.75" depth of riccia this is no duckweed, salvinia, or other floaters. Comes from a tank that has been snail free since set up nearly 2 years ago. There is always a chance of some algae but I don't see any. makes great floating mat or if you keep up on...
  3. Pennsylvania
    Have 1 very large Nymphaea Taiwant for sale a light green small leafed lily plant. Comes complete with huge roots and semi dissolved root tab lodged onto said roots. Reaches over 2' tall,great for big tanks! Has baby plants (at least 5, probably more) growing off the ends of several of the...
  4. Photography
    Some beautiful Mayaca!
1-4 of 4 Results