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  1. Lighting
    Anyone have any info on Chiros WRGB 2 vs. WRGB 2 PRO (90c) ? Looking into putting one of these on my UNS 90cm new aquarium. I'm new to aquascaping/planted tanks and couldn't decide whether the PRO is more power than I would need for a tank that is 22 inches deep. Appreciate any...
  2. Lighting
    Does anyone know if Chinese EBAY leds produce sufficient par? Looking to build a diy light for a standard 55g (20 inch tall).
  3. Lighting
    I feel like asking what light can work on a 29gal is an age old question. I saw a post in this forum from 2017 talking about the par values for different Beamswork lights. It said that the da fspec pent 0.50w model had a par value of 100 at 13” for the 30” size. The post didn’t have par...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello! I'll keep this short and sweet especially as a first post 😃 3~4 weekish old tank Aqueon 14 rimless Aqueon Planted LED Fluval Stratum Ph steady at 6.6. Ammonia <0.25ppm Nitrate 0 Nitrate stready @ 5ppm gH 30-40ppm kH ~160ppm 25~30% water change weekly Seachem Flourish 1 betta, Annbius...
  5. Lighting
    I recently just bought the Chihiro WRGB II 30cm and it has an annoying coil whine present if the dimmer is in use (its very light but noticeable). I have already returned one units and the second one is the same. My question is if anyone else has this noise, and if so, is there a way to get...
  6. Lighting
    I find understanding lighting difficult for some reason. I read a lot of posts about different tanks and what lights work well in this tank or that tank… but I am really want to understand it. I read some of the very detailed (advanced) post at the top of this forum but quickly got lost in all...
  7. Lighting
    Hello! ☺ I am in the process of getting CO2 and new upgraded lighting for my 29G tank. I need to buy the light from my LFS that has limited options because I am broke, but I have gift cards for this shop. Options: SkyAqua Planted Tank Light or SkyAqua Marine Light So the obvious choice would...
  8. Lighting
    So I've had a 29 gal Top Fin tank up and running for about a bit over two years now, and it has been humming along wonderfully. It's a freshwater community tank with an AquaClear 50 Filter, and a small powerhead to create a good flow around the tank. I keep the temp at ~78 deg. F. The problem...
  9. Lighting
    is it worth it to go after a cheaper aquarium light. instead of spending more on a fluval or a finnex light, can you get the same plant growth results with a cheaper light company like Hygger or NICREW?
  10. Lighting
    Hi all, i am getting back into the planted tank scene and am getting a 245x50x50cm aquarium with a hood on top. (And no my situation does not allow me to leave the hood off unfortunatly). Going high tech like i was used to with high light and co2 injection and heavy plant load. I have been...
  11. Lighting
    Just bought a fluval plant 3.0 led from petco since it was an absolute steal but now that im home and have set it up it makes a buzzing or humming type sound when its on (besides blue light only) the main/only way to make it stop has been to go into manual and have it all set at 100% I would...
  12. Lighting
    This is kind of an oddly shaped tank, so I really have no idea how to light it. My plan is to create an iwagumi with an HC Cuba carpet, just to give you an idea of the type of plant I want to grow. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Lighting
    I used to have a 20gal long (30" length) tank with a Finnex 24/7 planted+ Recently, I upgraded to a 40 gallon breeder (36" in length) Since have new grow lights for my 40gal, I would like to use the Finnex as moonlighting only. What is the easiest way to mount the Finnex on to a longer tank?
  14. Lighting
    Basically the title. I’m getting a new light and I have the choice between the 15 -24 inch 3.0 for 80 bucks or the 24-34 inch for 140. I’m just wondering if it’s worth the extra 60 bucks for the larger one.
  15. Lighting
    I'd like to move my lighting period to later in the day, by maybe 4 hours + later. Will this shock the plants based on the circadian rhythm they currently have if I do it abruptly, or is it advised to do it over a longer period of time, little by little?
  16. Lighting
    I have a 30 gallon (36''L x 12''W x 16''H). I used to run 2 x 39W T5HO. That fixture has since kicked the bucket and I now have a Finnex 247 Planted+ SE LED light. The color quality looks great and brightness to the naked eye is good. What I need to know is where on the lighting spectrum is...
  17. Lighting
    Hi, So I recently purchased a second hand Fluval Roma 90L. I set it up with my plants and away I went. 2 months later not much is growing at all. Everything surviving but not thriving. I've just looked at the tube lights and the original bulbs have been replaced with a (very) cheap LED...
  18. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi guys I’m new to the forum and was hoping to get a bit of advice on a current issue I’m facing. I have had a 57l fluval flex for a number of years now, it’s always been moderately planted and over the years I’ve managed to tweak things to really get things balanced and have a nice planted...
1-18 of 498 Results