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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Tank info: -36g Bowfront (30.3"L x 15.5"W x 20.9"H) -(1) Aqueon 24" full spectrum, 17 watt, T8, fluorescent bulb -Hood is designed to only hold 1 bulb -Aqueon Quietflow 50g power filter -Eco-complete planted black aquarium substrate -Established for about 2 1/2 months -Tank is stocked So first...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    hi new to this forum but thought i would join as im not having much look with plants in my 7.6litre fluval spec .... it has a heater along with over hanging stock LED light and a betta living in there .... so far i tried anacharis, java fern and ludwigia. recently bought some taiwan moss to see...
1-2 of 2 Results