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  1. Lighting
    Hi All, I need your help / advise with my lighting situation. I have a 36 gallon tank (might actually be a 35 tall but I was told 36G when I bought it) dimensions are 30"L x 22"T x 12"W . I am currently using a power compact 30" hood with a 21" bulb along with a 24" t8 bulb. I am wondering if...
  2. Lighting
    Hi All, I am thinking of getting my 55 up and running (it has been sitting for years and I just read a good thread that gave me some ideas). I ran across a fixture on CL that might be great or might be to much. It is a Coralife 48" CFL Aqualight. It holds 4 21" cfl's (55-65w each) and has...
  3. Lighting
    First off, hello people and thanks for popping by! I need to get your opinions on lighting for my 29gallon high tank. Currently I'm running a coralife 30'' t5 dual lamp fixture on my new 29 gallon, with one 6,700k bulb and one colormax bulb. I know i need to at least switch out...
1-3 of 3 Results