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  1. Lighting
    Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to fish-keeping (less than a year) and even newer to planted tank upkeep. I got a 29 used aquarium with a single light hood, which I think is only 20 w or so. My question is, is it okay for me to plant some small plants in this tank in shallow water? I wouldn't be...
  2. Lighting
    Hello All! New to the board. Love all the insight and helpful advice this board has given me. That being said, I was hoping someone would be able to give me some advice on lighting for my tank. Tank: 140 Gallon freshwater Co2: Yes, 2 bps (need more from what I've read) Light Fixture: 6...
  3. Lighting
    im setting up my first planted tank and i have a budget of $300 for light, substrate, and plants. i need to find a 24in fixture that i can get 2 of with out spending over about $150. anyone know of a solution? thanks
  4. Lighting
    im setting up a 10 gallon planted tank and dont know what lighting fixture to get. i will be running co2. thanks in advance:icon_bigg
  5. Lighting
    So i'm starting a new 10 Gallon tank with diy C02, excell, ei ferts ,reagular aquarium gravel ,root tabs and only plants and snails :icon_roll I want to spend as little money as possible for this just to be a grow out tank for my plants to help fill in a 75 and another 10 gallon tank for my...
  6. Lighting
    i am thinking of heavy planting my tank,am looking to upgrade my light,i am a totol beginer to planted tanks,i have bin looking at the 2 nova extreme ho t5 fixture,but i read on the webb sit that it is for a coral tank ,i am realy confused about this lighting stuff, i want a light that sit on...
  7. Lighting
    So, after buying JBJ HQI 70 watt fixtures for my 60 gallon, I decided they suck and most of the light is reflected over the tank and hardly anything goes in the actual tank. So I want to upgrade to a T-5 system. I want to hang it so I was looking at Aqua Medic and Tek light fixtures. Does...
  8. The Planted Tank FAQ
    If you haven't read this article yet, I highly encourage it. It is long and requires a bit of understanding of biology and physics, but you'll learn a lot from it. A Comparison Between Light Sources Used in Planted Aquaria This came from a discussion I was having with one of our newer members...
1-8 of 10 Results