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  1. Lighting
    Well i have a 150g.. its 72" long 18" deep and 24"in tall. i want to have a med-low light, low tech (maybe DIY CO2). It will be inclosed in a custom hood (that hasn't been made yet, waiting on the lights) on top.... looking to get ideas from the planted experts on lighting. i can go with...
  2. Lighting
    i have a 150g tank, that i want to turn into a planted tank. i need lights!!!!!! what should i do... 4 x SHO cfl? maybe 60-85w 4 x 36" T-5 HO 39w each for a total of 156w 2 x 36" LED 129x HQ .06W LED (120x 6500K daylight 9x460nm Actinic) 600 Lumen or any other ideas??? i...
1-2 of 2 Results