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  1. Lighting
    Hi everyone, I have 13' bar in my kitchen and have mini pendant,now i would like to upgrade pendant lighting, can anyone help me in choosing.
  2. Low Tech Forum
    Hello everyone, I thought it might be useful to start a thread about low tech light options for small bowl aquariums. I'm currently setting up a 2g bowl for a betta. I'm planning on using sand as my substrate, and probably just going to add some guppy grass and moss. I may dose some ferts and...
  3. Lighting
    Hi, I've had a new 20L tank up for about a week now. No fish yet. I ordered (probably too many) plants from liveaquaria and now have a bit of a jungle. HC, hairgrass, micro sword, anubia, crypts, and alternatha reineckii mini in foreground; ludwigia, rotala, myrio, hornwort, swords in mid and...
  4. Lighting
    :) Hello, let me start of by saying that this is not my first tank. I currently have a 29g and a 20g tall. I have had them for a little over 4 years. The thing is, they are not at my house. I moved to Sac two years ago from another town and I didn't have the space at my new place. I just bought...
  5. Lighting
    Anyone use the Wave-point Mirco Sun 6500k daylight high output 8-w LED (6") as well as Deep Blue Solar Flare Micro 6700k LED I'm curious about trying one of these on a standard 5g tank so light would be between 10-15" above substrate.. Would like to know par rating at those ranges (mainly if...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    :help:Does anyone have experience with using strip lighting directly over water? My glass top broke and I was wondering if it would be ok to use my strip light directly over the water. I would modify the strip light so it would be about 5 inches above the water, and there would be no way it...
  7. Lighting
    Hello! I have recently purchased a 20 gallon long tank with dimensions of about 30in x 12in x 13in. I am looking into a light fixture (Preferably LED, with second being fluorescent) that will be able to support the growth of dwarf hair grass and any other low-medium intensity light requiring...
  8. Lighting
    Hi all , i have 2 10W lamps for my 60 gallon tanks 20 inch high, i think their is enough brightness :confused1: what do you think ?
  9. California
    I have a bunch of stuff for sale some for freshwater some for salt I want to sell these items and/or trade for these items things I'm willing to trade for (fire red shrimp,crystal red shrimp, rili shrimp, red or orange cherry shrimp etc..., plant fertilizers, corals, plants) PM me what you...
  10. Equipment
    I am thinking of setting up a planted Evolve 4 or 8. I don't think these tanks come with a heater. Does anyone know if a heater will fit in the filter area? If so which one works best? Next will the lighting be enough for low/med light simple setup? :confused:
  11. Lighting
    Hi All, I am thinking of getting my 55 up and running (it has been sitting for years and I just read a good thread that gave me some ideas). I ran across a fixture on CL that might be great or might be to much. It is a Coralife 48" CFL Aqualight. It holds 4 21" cfl's (55-65w each) and has...
  12. Lighting
    I came across a good deal on a fixture and was worried it would be too much for my tank. It is a Tek Light 36" 8 bulbs, 39watts each. Tank is 36" wide, 22" wide and 32" tall for a volume of 110G and injecting CO2 though a diffuser. Tell me what you think.
  13. Lighting
    Okay it's been almost a month since I bought Marineland Aquatic plant LED fixture 24" - 36" for my 38 gallon and so far light doesn't cover enough space (which the 36" - 48" should do) and what it does cover has grown some algae the timer is very helpful and can be programmed. I'm gonna return...
  14. Colorado
    Hey guys, been lurking around here for a long time learning the tricks of the trade and using every avoidance strategy possible to not hang out in SNS... until now, and this time hopefully it's to give back a little. The other day I got a little over excited and purchased this fixture to start...
  15. Lighting
    I am using my 6 bulb tek fixture i used for my reef tank on my new planted aquarium. Its t5 ho light and have been told its way overkill. so my question is if i only use 3 bulbs would that be sufficant enough for my tank?
1-15 of 23 Results