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  1. Lighting
    hi, I have a bowl planted tank.. a hang on side light doesn't work.. any suggestion what kind of light that i can use? a low budget 1 will be even .. :) or maybe a diy light ?
  2. Lighting
    hi, I saw few video about "flood light" that can be used for a planted aquarium and it works like a champ. then I Found out about LED grow light. which one is better for a planted aquarium? from price wise, I think flood light is cheaper cause u can direct link it to a cable and plug-in...
  3. Lighting
    So I got a 24" 20W T8 bulb, problem is that I don't have, that thing you plug it in to light it, housing fixture?Sorry English isn't my first language, also how many inches above my 15 gallon should I set it up? Here are my dimension 20X13X14 Btw I'm setting up a low light tank, so this bulb...
  4. Lighting
    Looking for suggestions/experience for a good budget 24" Dual T5 retro fit kit with parabolic SLR's. Did some googling, but nothing beats experience. Thanks!:)
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I just wanna why my light doesn't look like high light any more the bulbs are only 2-3 months old. I got a quad bulb T5 HO 54w ea. also have 2 T8s 32w ea. it just seems dull to me wondering if I should add some LEDs? All that over a custom 70gal tank should be high light correct?
  6. Lighting
    Need to build a fixture for a 20gal wanna go wit t5ho where to get the equipment for this I'm at HD now an only see 36" bulbs and fixtures???
1-6 of 6 Results