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  1. Equipment
    I haven't posted to this forum in years, but an email reminded me that this forum is still alive. I have recently thinned out my plants in my 55 G acrylic tank and restocked with new fish and it occurred to me that my tank is getting long in the tooth. Researching the Internet, I started...
  2. Fish
    I bought this balloon molly April 2015. My husband thought she would have babies soon, but since then she never had live birth. She only gives birth to some yellow yolk sac looking things. Last month, she struggled all day with this process. It looked like it caused some issues because she is...
  3. Fish
    What is the expected lifespan of a goldfish? My largest pond goldfish is around a decade old now. May 3 2002, the oldest picture of her I can find at the moment: And today May 3, 2009 (Amazing the improvement from a newer camera): I tried to get roughly the same angle so you can see it's...
1-3 of 3 Results