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lesser duckweed
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    I have plants for sale which include the following as listed. Bacopa Monnieri $5 Bacopa Carolininana $2 Water Wisteria $10 Water Sprite $10 Lesser Duckweed $4 Shipping is $6, please tell me how many and of what you would like and I can ship out on Tuesdays of each week, any questions, concerns...
    I am looking to purchase Dwarf Hairgrass (eleocharis acicularis), Amazon Frogbit (limnobium laevigatum), and Lesser Duckweed (lemna minor). The tank that these will be planted in: 5.5 gallon; 18-watt daylight CFL; and MGOCPM and black gravel I plan on using the Dwarf Hairgrass for a thick...
    I would like to purchase the following plants: Dwarf Hairgrass Amazon Frogbit Lesser Duckweed Fissiden If you have any snails with your plants, or there is even a small chance that snails will arrive with the plants, please notify me! I am not anti-snail, but I would like to do some research...
1-3 of 3 Results