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  1. Lighting
    I'm not new to growing plants- I have a little bit of experience, but nothing I'm satisfied with. I have several ten gallons with growing plants, just the types I can pick up at stores like amazon swords. I've been in this for a few months and have been doing decently with what I have, but I...
  2. Lighting
    Are the zoomed HO LED fixtures worth getting for plants? And can I grow dwarf sag and giant hairgrass with the standard module? Does this fixture give off a good shimmer effect??? Thanks:help::help::help:
  3. Lighting
    So I was sold on the fugeray planted+ because I study biology and was fascinated with their "true red 660nm- which studies have found to be one of the most efficient wavelengths for plant photosynthesis" LEDs. As I recall however, Photosystem I functions optimally at 700nm and photosystem II...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Anyone got experience with havin UV LEDs over the tank? Im wondering if they will help kill some of the smaller alage/bacteria inside the water like they do when u buy a UV sterilizer obviously not as much tho?
  5. DIY
    Just wondering if anyone out there who has a 70+gal tank with DIY LEDs wants to give a newbie some help? Ok when u see D I Y try n think saving money. If im gonna go an spend $200+ on a diy set up why not just get a finnex or 2 an save on the headaches!
  6. Lighting
    I'm looking for input and opinions on the best LED fixture for a 30" deep 4' 150gallon aquarium. I want to go with live plants and want to go with LEDs. I don't know if there are LED fixtures that put enough lumens into that depth. Also will I need CO2? If so, recommendations?
  7. Lighting
    Hello, I am just about to complete my DIY LED build using the RapidLED 36x CREE XP-G LED kit. I am driving 32 Cool White and 4 Warm White LEDs (using the 80 degree optics) at 1000 milliamps as well as the RapidLED Moonlight kit (4x Blue LEDs) at between 150 and 350 milliamps (they have no...
  8. Lighting
    I’ve read this information in past months from the following links and I thank them all. Specially Milad from, Hoppy from TPT, redfishsc from TPT, the blondskeleton from TPT. All the credit goes to them. The photos used here are not mine. The spectrum charts are from...
  9. Lighting
    Hello Everyone, I am relatively new to the planted tank and I have quite a challenge ahead of me. My tank is very unique 375 gallon with so many tannins it is tea colored after 24 hours after a near 100% water change. Dont worry no fish yet. But of course I have plants. Im starting to grow baby...
  10. Lighting
    I have been in aquariums all my life, but this time I think I shot myself in the foot! I have been planning to do a large planted aquarium for a while, but the opportunity has never presented itself (a.k.a. short on $$$). Well, I got my chance. I have a 75 gal, 48" long aquarium! I have Anubis...
  11. Lighting
    Hello! Looking for info on turning the lame low output LEDs in my two Fluval Chi tanks to better output LEDs for planted tanks. I want to boost the lighting on these little tanks but have no idea where to start. I'm very unschooled in this area so any help would be appreciated.
  12. Lighting
    I'd like to throw this out here for discussion sake... LEDs have a lifespan rating of several tens of thousands of hours... But will the phosphors that make them emit white light actually last that long? The reason I ask this is that I've followed very closely the performance of two...
  13. DIY
    Admittedly, I don't have too much information in my initial post (it's at home), but I'm taking a small break from work and thought I'd see if there's any interest :) Months ago, I created a LED lantern. The lantern idea itself was a flop, but as a result I ended up making a 2x2inch solid...
  14. The Lounge & Introductions
    No, I'm not building an LED fixture, but judging from the amount of people that have, I figure that somebody should be able to help me with this. As to why this thread is in the lounge, for halloween, my backup costume plan in a Daft Punk Guy-man helmet from the discovery era, the gold one...
  15. Lighting
    Hello everyone, first post after a great deal of lurking and reading. I am hoping someone might know what wavelengths of light are needed for most plants for photosynthesis. I want to build a LED fixture based on Luxeon Star LEDs. I can get a cool white LED that will produce light at 5500 and...
  16. Tank Journals
    It's actually a little over 2 pints Its a 10x10x10 cm cube I don't really add any ferts and I normally just top it off after it evaporates. Water changes are whenever I feel like it. Theres some Utricularia graminifolia and HC in there. No fauna except loads of seed shrimps. I've got some...
1-16 of 17 Results