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  1. Lighting
    Hey guys I really need some advice on appropriate lighting for my 35 gallon. Right now I just planted Monte Carlo and I am using my old 18W generic LED light strip from my goldfish tank. I am here in Canada and wondering what a good budget light would be to get? Or a light that would supplement...
  2. Lighting
    Has anyone used these lights and had success with planted tanks? How would I mount them? I plan on having them mounted on my wall hovering over my tank. The ones I see for aquariums are meant for reef setups and are expensive. I'm wondering if i can use the flood lights they sell at Lowe's. I...
  3. Lighting
    Thinking of getting one of these for my planted 20 gallon, plants just aren't getting quiiiite the type of light they need. Was wondering if anyone has gotten one yet and tried it out.
  4. DIY
    So the acytinic lights can be on a separate timer from the daytime LEDs?
1-4 of 5 Results