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  1. Lighting
    So I'm a bit confused and hoping someone can give/link me the exact data I need or confirm an accurate formula to get the par info I need from par taken on a longer light of that model and/or deeper depth. I'd read that using LED # does not make an accurate equation to determine par?? Is this...
  2. Lighting
    Hey Everyone, Long time lurker first time poster here haha. I am starting a new 40B tank that I got from petco's $1/g sale and I want to do a high tech dutch aquarium with CO2 and all the bells and whistles. I want to have a small carpet of HC in the front and growing all the red plants cuz...
  3. Lighting
    Hello everyone I haven't been able to find to much info on these lights for some reason. I know Buceplant has some par values but its confusing to me, I don't know at what height because it seems its showing u the par values...
  4. Lighting
    Looking for a lower-price bracket or clip on for my 8 gallon nano that i'm working on refurbishing slowly, found this on Amazon. Any opinions?
  5. Lighting
    Hey guys, I am looking for recomendations for a 30" low tech tank led fixture. I'm wanting something minimal. It for 12" deep with 2" of substrate so only 10" water depth. Thanks
  6. Tank Journals
    I am starting my first planted aquarium, which is really my first aquarium ever. I am in the process of accumulating the supplies. Things are getting exciting as stuff arrives in the mail. Hopefully you guys can give me tips as I post stuff... let me know what I might be doing wrong. 24g tank...
  7. DIY
    Recently I build a pendant LED light for my ADA mini M. I like to share my build in the hope it might help other DIY enthusiasts. I myself have learned a lot from other people who posted their build on this and other forums. The main reasons to build a pedant LED light myself are that I love to...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello! After over five years out of the hobby, I'm looking forward to starting a new planted tank. There seems to be some new advancements in the hobby and would like to get some advice on a couple things, specifically LED lighting and CO2 injection. I'm planning on purchasing a 15 gallon...
  9. Lighting
    Hey guys, looking for a light for the 50 gal tank I'm getting, and I stumbled across Marineland LED lights. Have any of you guys used them before? All the reviews I've found are varied, so do any of you have experiences with them?
1-9 of 11 Results