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  1. Equipment
    I picked up a pre-owned HW-302 off of craigslist last week. I was initially really pleased b/c it was really clean, well-cared for, gaskets & o-rings were soft... and it came CHEAP! BUT, as soon as I got it set up and pumping water, it started leaking at the latches. I did a lot of reading &...
  2. Equipment
    Hey all, I have two xp3's, formally Rena, a DIY diffuser on the outlet of one filter and an inline heater on the outflow of the other. Now both of the filters are leaking when in use and I never had this problem before. What is going wrong?
  3. Equipment
    I recently bought a aquatek dual gauge regulator with solenoid. I just noticed that it is leaking Co2 out because when I spray all the connecting point I see bubbles. The leaking spots are the connecting point of the left gauge and solenoid. How do I fix this?
1-3 of 3 Results