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  1. Fish
    Two months ago I bought 3 Metae (Bandit) Cory's. They sat in a QT (55G) with 9 other fish for 5 weeks. Upon putting them in their new home (29G), the were all dead within a week (which was 2 weeks ago). I can't seem to pinpoint why either. Tank Setup: Moderately planted. 2/3 of the tank has...
  2. Substrate
    i've never had this problem in the past. the only difference this time around is that i utilized a good amount of akadama mixed in with old florabase, which is pretty much fine clay, and am using lava/lace rock for the hardscape. i know that lava rock is supposed to not alter the pH of water...
  3. Tank Journals
    I just started this tank around 11-14-12. It is coming along pretty good. Here is the equipment list: 55g with painted black background 2 canister filters, 1 Fluval 306 and 1 QPOND 265gph 3 stage canister filter 1 CFL light, 2x 96w 50/50 blulbs 10k/420nm 1 Marineland 150w heater 1 Fluval 100w...
1-3 of 3 Results