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  1. Fish
    Hi guys, So I recently acquired a new kuhli loach with some unusual markings, and I was wondering if I could get an ID on his species? He's the one in the foreground going through the cucumber slice. He's smaller than the other loaches, and he has that interesting white stripe going through...
  2. Fish
    Hey guys, I am pretty much decided on what kinds of fish I want to add to my tank when it is ready to go. I'll be adding them over a period of a few months in the following order/quantity: - 7-12 Neon Tetra's - 5-7 Kuhli Loaches - 7-10 Crystal Red Shrimp (I am looking more at those lower...
  3. Fish
    I would really like my kuhli's to breed, and I also want to get some of the black ones (I have the black and orange ones now) too. If i have both, will they interbreed, or will they breed with only their color morph? Thanks!
  4. Fish
    So I've got three black kuhli loaches, and one of them is ill. He is "stuck" to the surface of the water, just kind of dangling there until another fish bumps him, and then he'll try really hard to swim down, but just floats back up. I know these fish can swallow air and absorb oxygen through...
  5. Low Tech Forum
    Well I'm thinking of evicting my rats from their 10 gallon, cleaning it up and make guess what another fish tank! I'd like to make it planted with rocks, wood, etc. I don't have alot of funds (Sophmore in highschool) so it'd have to consist of low light plants. I'll have to buy a new lid for the...
1-5 of 6 Results